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Master of root canal treatments
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Jacqueline Knippenberg

“Been to Mr. M. Watanabe twice in 1 year for complicated root canal treatment. Extremely knowledgeable with clear explanations treatments had. Fine that further consideration and thought was also given when complaint was not immediately resolved. I would recommend this endodontist to anyone!”

F. Tek

“6 months ago I came to Dentist Watanabe for a complicated root canal treatment after my dentist could not reach the inflammation himself. Within an hour I was back outside pain free. Today I went for a checkup and everything healed nicely. Dentist Watanabe is very skilled and friendly. Truly a master of root canal treatments.”

Shiro Hanh Hoang

“I had a tooth problem where extraction was recommended. Through a friend, I got a referral to Dental Clinic H.J. van Mill for a second opinion because they were known as the experts in root canal treatments. I was helped by dentist Watanabe. I noticed that he unhurriedly calmly went over all my options so I could be sure if I am making the right choice or not. It was a pleasant experience and fortunately I was able to keep my molar as well. Professional, friendly, unhurried with tremendous expertise.”

Madeline Hendricks

“In the 8 years we have been coming to Dentist van Mill, I can only report that they strive for utmost professionalism and friendliness. It is seen from reception to treatment. The dentists and staff are international and Dutch, which I really appreciate. They all speak Dutch, English and usually another language. This creates a very inclusive atmosphere and gives the dentists a wide exchange of knowledge and practice. Above all, the standards and skills are very high – my son even fell asleep during a root canal treatment with Dr. Maryam! And there is no judgment/shaming. They recently moved to a beautiful new location in Buitenveldert, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. I was also pleased to learn that there are now more flexible hours, evenings and Saturdays. If you need a dentist, definitely consider this practice!!!”

Anton Van Duijn

“Had a complicated root canal treatment done 2 months ago, during which I was able to put aside all my fears and nerves 🙂 What incredible skill, attention and understanding prevails in this practice! Today was the check after 2 months and the procedure appears to have worked out well, the bone is growing again and the inflammation is shrinking. Thank you so much for your provisional approach!”

Christien Dessing

“The treatment I was very much looking forward to but because of the method and always keeping in touch with the patient, it was 100% not too bad. Very friendly all and compassionate. Should I have problem with a root canal again Dr. Mill is my man.”

Marieke de Ligter

“Incredibly well served by this dentist and his team. Was able to visit immediately the same day after the emergency dentist could not help me due to a complex root. Received good explanations during treatment.”

Martina Strada

“I highly recommend the team. I have already had 3 root canals under their care and they are not only very professional but also kind and helpful.”

Cro Rapi

“In addition to the local dentist, there are two Japanese dentists full-time. It seems that the level is so high that dentists from Japan come to visit and also treat difficult cases that cannot be done in other clinics.”

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