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Master of root canal treatments
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“That they call themselves ‘master of root canal treatment’ is more than justified. Me molar was chipped and molar was hurting more and more. At one point I could no longer chew it and the pain persisted. I overcame my fear and called Mill. I could come in the next day. What equipment and knowledgeable people. It looked like an operating room. The dentists put me at ease, completely sedated and completely “took” me through the steps so I knew what they were going to do. They completely restored the molar. I have my molar back, and can chew again with no problems. I should have had this done much sooner.”


“I walked around with a toothache for quite a long time and took a lot of painkillers. Now that I know what I know, that was a real waste. I was in fact very afraid of the pain and the sounds and so on, but that turned out to be nothing. I have unfortunately had some bare experiences with dentists where I had a lot of pain with some treatments. Upon entering, the professionalism comes to you, which gave a feeling of reassurance. They lived up to that feeling. Within 45 minutes I was outside again, hardly felt anything. I wish I had known this earlier. If I have to go again, I won’t wait a second and call Mill right away. I don’t walk around in pain anymore. I could go in the very next day.”

Shiro Hanh Hoang

“I had a tooth problem where extraction was recommended. Through a friend, I got a referral to Dental Clinic H.J. van Mill for a second opinion because they were known as the experts in root canal treatments. I was helped by dentist Watanabe. I noticed that he unhurriedly calmly went over all my options so I could be sure if I am making the right choice or not. It was a pleasant experience and fortunately I was able to keep my molar as well. Professional, friendly, unhurried with tremendous expertise.”


“What professionals! Had 2 molars treated in one treatment. I literally felt nothing from it, only some pressure of course. They explain to you step by step what they are going to do, really top. I had to come back for a 2nd treatment. Then they ‘finish’ it. Also then they numb. You really don’t see anything. It is as if they are just my own molars. After the treatment I had some pressure pain during chewing but that disappeared after a few days. So don’t hesitate, just call and get treated.”

Anton Van Duijn

“Had a complicated root canal treatment done 2 months ago, during which I was able to put aside all my fears and nerves 🙂 What incredible skill, attention and understanding prevails in this practice! Today was the check after 2 months and the procedure appears to have worked out well, the bone is growing again and the inflammation is shrinking. Thank you so much for your provisional approach!”

Christien Dessing

“The treatment I was very much looking forward to but because of the method and always keeping in touch with the patient, it was 100% not too bad. Very friendly all and compassionate. Should I have problem with a root canal again Dr. Mill is my man.”

Marieke de Ligter

“Incredibly well served by this dentist and his team. Was able to visit immediately the same day after the emergency dentist could not help me due to a complex root. Received good explanations during treatment.”

Martina Strada

“I highly recommend the team. I have already had 3 root canals under their care and they are not only very professional but also kind and helpful.”

Cro Rapi

“In addition to the local dentist, there are two Japanese dentists full-time. It seems that the level is so high that dentists from Japan come to visit and also treat difficult cases that cannot be done in other clinics.”

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