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Dental treatment rates

ID Description Cost
C002 Periodic monitoring €23,45
X10 Making and reviewing small x-ray €17,28
X21 Taking and reviewing jaw overview photograph €74,07
M03 Dental cleaning, per five minutes €13,84
V91 Single-surface filling composite €56,32
V92 Two-surface  filling composite €73,92
V93 Triplane-surface composite €88,00
V94 Multi-surface filling composite €112,63

Root canal treatment rates

Rates root canal treatment

1. Examination, diagnosis and treatment planning

ID Description Cost
E02 Comprehensive root canal treatment consultation €43,10
E03 Consultation after dental accident €33,95

2. Examination, diagnostics and treatment planning

2.1 Pulp treatment with the aim of maintaining vitality

ID Description Cost
E60 Total or partial removal of pulpal tissue €49,38
2.2 Root canal treatment element with mature root tip, uncomplicated
ID Description Cost
E04 Surcharge for costs when using rotary nickel-titanium instruments €49,71
E13 Root canal treatment per element with 1 canal €111,10
E14 Root canal treatment per element with 2 canals €160,48
E16 Root canal treatment per element with 3 canals €209,86
E17 Root canal treatment per element with 4 or more canals €259,24
E85 Electronic length determination €15,41
E19 Inclusion of calcium hydroxide or similar disinfectant per element, per session €18,52
E66 Root canal treatment of milk element €49,38

2.3 Supplements for root canal treatment complications Only to be claimed for DETI score B and class II or III of the Classification.

ID Description Cost
E51 Removal of crown or bridge €37,03
E52 Difficult root canal opening €30,86
E53 Removal of root pin €43,21
E54 Removal of root canal filling material €30,86
E55 Treatment of clogged or calcified root canal €30,86
E56 Continued treatment for tissue damage of the tooth root €43,21
E57 Treatment of element with exceptional anatomy €30,86

2.4 Apexification procedure of element with immature root tip

ID Description Cost
E61 Treatment of open root tip with calcium hydroxide, first session €86,41
E62 Treatment of open root tip with calcium hydroxide, additional next session €55,55
E63 Surcharge for sealing with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) or similar bioceramic material €46,29
E64 Closure of open root tip €49,38

2.5 Initial root canal treatment

ID Description Cost
E77 Initial root canal treatment, first canal €61,72
E78 Initial root canal treatment, each subsequent canal €30.86

2.6 Bleaching

ID Description Cost
E90 Internal bleaching, first session €49,38
E95 Internal bleaching, every subsequent session €18.52
E97 External bleaching per jaw €77,15

2.7 Treatment trauma element

ID Description Cost
E40 Direct pulp capping €30.86
E42 Resetting a relocated element after dental accident €12.34
E43 Fixing element by splint after dental accident €24.69
E44 Removal of splint, per element €6.17

2.8 Application of rubber dam

ID Description Cost
E45 Applying rubber dam €12.34

2.9 Microsurgical root canal treatments

ID Description Cost
E31 Cutting/corner tooth €123,45
E32 Premolar €172,83
E33 Miller €222,20
E34 Applying retrograde filling €24.69
E36 Pulling an element with re-implantation €86,41
E37 Keyhole surgery €74,07

2.10 Crown and bridge work

ID Description Cost
R24 Crown €271*
R77 Laborious removal of old crown and bridge work by (pillar) element €30,86
R80 Temporary crown and bridge work, first tooth or molar €30,86
R85 Temporary crown and bridge work, next tooth or molar €12,34
*R24 Crown fees are practice fees only. This does not include the cost of the type of crown, which can be metal, gold or porcelain. This also does not include technique fees. For more specific costs about the crown, inquire with the dentist.

2.11 Filling the pulp chamber and sealing the canal entrances

ID Description Cost
E88 Filling the pulp chamber and sealing the canal entrances €61,72

2.12 Use of surgical microscope

ID Description Cost
E86 Use of surgical microscope in root canal treatment €83,33

2.13 Making practice space ready for use

ID Description Cost
E87 Making practice space ready for use for root canal treatment €61,72

Total rates overview

The above chart includes the rates for General Dentistry, Root Canal Treatments and Bridge and Crown work. For the rates for Periodontology, Children’s Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implantology and Facings, please look in on the NZa rate decision Dental Care 2022.

Click here for the complete overview. You will be on NZA rate decision Dental Care 2022.

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