(Inflamed gums)

Our practice in Amstelveen also focuses on periodontology. Complaints such as inflamed gums (gingivitis) can be remedied and controlled quickly and effectively with proper education and treatment.

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    Healthy gums

    Healthy gums look tight and pink. The spaces (called pockets) between the gums and the jawbone are shallow and do not bleed. In periodontitis, these pockets are inflamed and the bacteria in them can cause even deeper pockets and bone breakdown.

    Customized treatment plan

    Gingivitis is fairly easy to solve through a dental cleaning, in which we reduce present plaque and tartar. At our practice, a customized treatment plan is put together where the dentist and dental hygienist advise you, the patient, on optimizing the health of the gums and jawbone.

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    Shiro Hanh Hoang

    “It was a pleasant experience and I was lucky enough that they were able to save my tooth. Professional, friendly, calm, with a sense of being in the hands of experts.”

    Melanie Vraser

    “All my life I have dreaded visiting the dentist. I have been a patient at Dental Clinic Van Mill for 5 years now and these days it’s something I look forward to.”

    Erik Bruis

    “I believed my teeth could not be saved. Masato and his team have helped me enormously. I have no more pain and finally, I have my life back.”

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    Costs vary by treatment and may be partially or fully insured. The rates are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), commissioned by the government. Would you like to know more about this? Then read on.

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    We make every effort to make your visit painless and as pleasant as possible. We make sure you can relax properly. Want to know how we do this? Then contact us now. Our assistants will be happy to assist you.

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