Referral practice for Endodontics and emergency

In the Amsterdam area, we are known as a leading and reputable dental care referral practice.

Our practice has established itself as a trusted partner for many dental practices in the area, with other practices regularly referring patients for specialized treatments, second opinions, and emergency dental care.

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Master of root canal treatments
Master of root canal treatments
International team
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Root canal treatments:
Consultation, treatments and second opinion

One of the main reasons dental practices refer to us is our excellent expertise in root canal treatment.

Our practice has a team of experienced endodontists who specialize in treating complex endodontic problems.

Whether it is a complicated root canal treatment or a re-treatment, patients can count on the highest quality care and the latest technologies in the field.

What to expect when referring your patient?

High-level treatment according to the Painting Technique

No waiting lists, your patient can be seen immediately

Using the Fotona Laser and Microscope for best results

We successfully perform 1,000+ root canal treatments annually, and more and more patients and dentists are finding their way to our practice.

Do you want to refer patients to an endodontist? Dentist practice Van Mill has the knowledge and ability to treat your patient at the highest level.

We are happy to help!

Dental practice van Mill

Emergency treatments for dental trauma

Another essential aspect of our practice is our ability to treat emergency cases, especially severe dental trauma. In accidents where the teeth or mouth are severely damaged, prompt and expert care is paramount.

Our practice has the necessary capacity and knowledge to adequately handle such emergencies.

Dentists and their patients trust our expertise to address complex diagnostic challenges and create a customized treatment plan.

The practice values open communication and collaboration with referring dentists to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Referring your patient? We are at your service!

Dental Practice of Mill continues to continually evolve itself by keeping up with the latest developments in dentistry and using the most advanced technologies.

Our specialization in root canal treatments, high-quality dental treatments, second opinions and emergency dental care make us a trusted partner for dental practices and patients seeking expertise and quality in dentistry.

You can refer your patient to us using the form below. For Emergency Referral, please contact us by phone so we can schedule treatment on short notice.

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    What patients

    say about us

    Shiro Hanh Hoang

    “It was a pleasant experience and I was lucky enough that they were able to save my tooth. Professional, friendly, calm, with a sense of being in the hands of experts.”

    Melanie Vraser

    “All my life I have dreaded visiting the dentist. I have been a patient at Dental Clinic Van Mill for 5 years now and these days it’s something I look forward to.”

    Erik Bruis

    “I believed my teeth could not be saved. Masato and his team have helped me enormously. I have no more pain and finally, I have my life back.”

    Rates /

    Costs vary by treatment and may be partially or fully insured. The rates are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), commissioned by the government. Would you like to know more about this? Then read on.

    Fear of the dentist?

    We make every effort to make your visit painless and as pleasant as possible. We make sure you can relax properly. Want to know how we do this? Then contact us now. Our assistants will be happy to assist you.

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