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At the practice, our team of specialists is committed to providing optimal root canal treatments for our own patients and those referred by fellow dentists.

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    Root canal treatment, our specialty!

    The anatomy (shape and construction) of a molar is complicated. Therefore, successfully treating a root canal requires specialized knowledge, skills and special equipment.

    Dental practice Van Mill has focused entirely on root canal treatment.

    With specific, international training and years of experience, Van Mill dentists are skilled and capable of completing the most complicated canal treatments to an exceptionally high standard.

    When do you need a Root Canal Treatment?

    A tooth is made up of several layers. The outer hard layer consists of enamel and inside it lies a soft layer of dentin.Inside the dentin lies a cavity where the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth are located. This is called the root canal system.

    This nerve and blood vessels run through the root canals into the jawbone. If a cavity in a tooth is not treated in time, it can expand into this cavity. This can cause the entire nerve to inflame. At that point, root canal treatment is required.

    Dental practice van Mill

    Innovative top-level treatment technique: The Painting Technique

    Dental practice Van Mill is best known for its top-level innovative treatment technology.

    Van Mill has a special partnership with American Dr. Clifford Ruddle, an inspired specialist in endodontology who has put the famous “Painting Technique” on the map worldwide.

    Prof. Schilder was the first academic to point out the importance of fully cleaning and fully filling duct systems rather than partially. In the process, Prof. Dr. Schilder has also developed concepts and techniques that make that possible.

    The latest developments and techniques within this treatment method are successfully used within our clinic to achieve successful root canal treatments.

    This involves the use of highly sophisticated equipment and special techniques.

    Each treatment is performed under magnification and using Zeiss optics. This allows us to clearly visualize the anatomy of the molar and treat it in detail.

    Dental practice van Mill

    Duration and method of treatment

    The treatment is performed with extreme precision and concentration and generally takes about two hours. We pay great attention to the comfort of the patient who, partly because of this, experiences the treatment as relaxing.

    Referral from your dentist

    Your dentist is a well-trained, general practitioner who will often be perfectly capable of performing canal treatment.

    Still, he or she will often choose to refer a patient when treatment seems complicated, or if the molar needs to be re-treated. These are also called “retreatment” or “re-treatment.”

    It often happens that a previous treatment has been unsuccessful, causing inflammation to persist or not be reduced. Sometimes internal damage has occurred, such as because the channels have an exceptional shape, which must be repaired.

    Often, the molar or tooth in need of re-treatment serves as a major pillar of a bridge structure, and thus the ability to retain this structure depends on the success of the treatment.

    More information or make an appointment?

    As described, we use most modern and innovative techniques in treating infected and inflamed root canals. In this way, we can fill the root canals as optimally as possible and a better result will be obtained.

    Thus, root canal treatment is successfully performed. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these treatment techniques, please feel free to contact our practice.

    What patients

    say about us

    Shiro Hanh Hoang

    “It was a pleasant experience and I was lucky enough that they were able to save my tooth. Professional, friendly, calm, with a sense of being in the hands of experts.”

    Melanie Vraser

    “All my life I have dreaded visiting the dentist. I have been a patient at Dental Clinic Van Mill for 5 years now and these days it’s something I look forward to.”

    Erik Bruis

    “I believed my teeth could not be saved. Masato and his team have helped me enormously. I have no more pain and finally, I have my life back.”

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    Costs vary by treatment and may be partially or fully insured. The rates are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), commissioned by the government. Would you like to know more about this? Then read on.

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    We make every effort to make your visit painless and as pleasant as possible. We make sure you can relax properly. Want to know how we do this? Then contact us now. Our assistants will be happy to assist you.

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